Steve Walsh and Rick Korinek give their spin on Midwest Hearing Loops' history and growth in this relatively new technology.
steve walsh, president of midwest hearing loops

steve walsh, president of midwest hearing loops


Steve Walsh, President

Before starting Midwest Hearing Loops, Steve Walsh had a distinguished career in a variety of businesses including telephony, software, and bio-technology.  

Steve was the primary inventor on many company patents while serving as Vice President of Technological Innovation for Islet Technology, a bio-tech startup company.  He designed and wrote software for several manufacturing companies, including ADC Telecommunications, 3M, Matthias Die Company, and FilmTec -- a subsidiary of Dow Chemical.  He developed a proprietary product for Dow, which they purchased for over 20 years.  He also designed, installed, and serviced over 600 commercial telephone systems and managed 25 employees as president of MinnTel.  Steve has been president of Advantage Computer Systems, Inc. since 1985, and started the Midwest Hearing Loops brand in 2011.   

As a person with a hearing impairment, Steve is especially enthusiastic about the benefits of this new technology. He is passionate about ensuring that loops he is responsible for will meet or exceed industry standards. 

rick korinek, vice president of midwest hearing loops

rick korinek, vice president of midwest hearing loops


Rick Korinek, Vice President

Rick Korinek is a professional engineer, currently holding licenses in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Prior to joining Midwest Hearing Loops in 2012, Rick’s career as an engineer spanned a variety of roles including electrical and forensic engineering, energy efficient lighting design, commercial and institutional building energy systems, and residential and light commercial construction.

Rick is directly involved in all aspects of the design, installation, testing, and troubleshooting of new and existing hearing loop systems.  He has made technical presentations to engineers, architects, designers and other groups related to hearing loops systems and their benefits.  He also consults with manufacturers regarding development and performance of new hearing loop products.

Rick shares Steve's passion for their work, and he enjoys seeing "the difference it makes for the end user... especially when they experience a hearing loop for the first time."